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To use the Linkfro service, you do not need special skills. If you have a question, then most likely you will find the answer on this page. If necessary, you can always contact our friendly support.

Linkfro is suitable for anyone who wants to drive traffic from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst etc.. to other channels, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a blogger artist or you run a content platform.

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To do this, you need to follow the link in the letter that was sent to the mail indicated during registration. If you do not see letters in your mail, check your Spam folder. If the letter is not there, check in the settings of your Linkfro profile if the email is correct and click the “Resend letter” button. If it does not help, change the attached mail and repeat the above steps.

To do this, go to your Account Settings and on the change password section add your new password and click the “Update” button.

To do this, in the “Pricing” section, select the desired duration and plan, click the “Select” button and pay using your preferred Bank and send us an email of your transaction ID and we will verify and activate your account in less than 30 minutes.

To do this, go to your Account  settings and on the Email section add your new email and click the “Update” button.

Yes, it can.

We only have Facebook login at the moment but we will add other social media login soon.

The user gets back to the free plan and all these paid features are deactivated

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You can display almost anything you want from the other platforms you’re active on: videos, pictures, articles, favorite music and much more.

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